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The Ins and Outs of Test Design

In our August blog post, we took a closer look at the role of test content specifications in developing the next generation of the bar exam. This month, we’re ready to take the next step and tackle the ins and outs of the test design, which specifies the materials and procedures necessary to develop, administer,…


The What and Why of Test Content Specifications

Our April 19 blog summarized work being done to develop the test content specifications (TCS) for the new bar exam, focusing mostly on how that work will get accomplished and who will do it—the stakeholders and subject-matter experts who make up the Content Scope Committee. This blog takes a closer look at the purpose of TCS,…

Future Bar Exam in blue map pin standing upright on a roadway

Mapping the Road Ahead to the New Bar Exam

Welcome to NCBE’s blog on all things related to the next generation of the bar exam! We will be using this space to keep stakeholders informed about our work to implement the recommendations of the Testing Task Force for the redesign of the bar exam. Our April blog post described the first task that NCBE…