cso prototype newsThe latest issue of the Bar Examiner magazine features an update on the development of the next generation of the bar exam. We encourage you to click through to read the entire update, which includes:

  • Content Scope Outlines: The preliminary Content Scope Outlines for the new exam were published and opened for public comment from March 25 to April 18, 2022. More than 700 stakeholders—including bar examiners and admission staff; judges and justices; law school deans, faculty, and administrators; law students; and practicing attorneys—reviewed the outlines, and individuals submitted 394 comments. We greatly appreciate the time spent by so many of you to review and provide feedback on the outlines. Once we complete our internal review of the comments, the outlines will be revised if necessary and stakeholders notified when the final version is published.
  • Item Prototypes: A few item set prototypes are ready for pilot testing. We plan to do some limited pilot testing of item sets this summer before expanding these efforts in the fall. We are not yet able to show the full prototypes, as we are keeping them secure to use in the upcoming pilot testing. We can, however, provide a description of one item set to give stakeholders an idea of what some questions on the new exam might look like. Click through to the Bar Examiner to read this description.

Prof. Jon Lee, a member of the Content Scope Committee, and NCBE Senior Assessment Design Specialist Beth Donahue recently presented to the Association of Academic Support Educators Annual Conference. To request a presentation to your Court, Board, law school, or organization, please send us a message using our contact form.