NCBE’s Board of Trustees approves the Testing Task Force’s recommendations for the next generation of the bar examination. Implementation of the new exam will take 4 to 5 years.


NCBE appoints a Testing Task Force charged with undertaking a three-year study to ensure that the bar examination continues to test the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for competent entry-level legal practice in the 21st century.


The number of MBE pretest questions is increased from 10 to 25 of the 200 total questions on each form.


LSAC replaces ACT as the contractor for registration and administration of the MPRE. NCBE takes over ADA decisions, scoring, and score reporting for the MPRE.


A job analysis study is completed by AMP on behalf of NCBE to describe the job activities of newly licensed lawyers.


NCBE takes over MBE scoring and equating from ACT. The Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) is administered for the first time in two jurisdictions.


Pretesting of MBE questions begins. MEE subject matter coverage is changed to include MBE topics; Article 2 (Sales) is tested under the Contracts test specifications rather than the Uniform Commercial Code. Nine MEE questions are now offered to jurisdictions for each administration. NCBE takes over MPRE test development from ACT.