About the NextGen Field Test

The NextGen field test is a research study through which NCBE will gather data from law students and recent law graduates to help determine the content of the next generation of the bar exam. Specifically, the field test allows NCBE to

  • obtain responses from a broad sample of students and graduates;
  • generate question and test performance data; and
  • set reasonable time limits for the new exam based on the types of questions that are tested.

The field test will take place in testing locations across the US. Potential field test participants will be contacted directly by email with more information.

Preparing for the Field Test

For information about how to prepare for the field test, including providing information to permit your payment to be issued, installing SecureClient, taking the mock exam, and reviewing the participant agreement, visit NextGen Field Test Participant Information.

For information about test accommodations for the field test, visit NextGen Field Test Accommodations.