Compass with map of United States in the backgroundNCBE is pleased to announce the members of the newly formed Jurisdiction Advisory Committee (JAC), which will provide input to the Implementation Steering Committee on the many policy issues involved in the transition to the next generation of the bar exam. The JAC will help gather feedback and information to ensure that the views of all jurisdictions, as well as other stakeholders, are considered.

The members, who are listed below, were selected following an announcement issued in November to all jurisdictions inviting applications from administrators and bar examiners. The JAC is limited in size to keep the meetings efficient and productive, but it reflects a mix of jurisdiction sizes, regions, and roles as UBE/non-UBE.

We extend a warm welcome and a hearty thank you to the members of the JAC!

Ronald Baker (NC)

Carrie Boren (UT)

Emily Eschweiler (MN)

Missy Gavagni (FL)

Maribeth Graff (MI)

Sherry Hieber (NH)

Catherine Hill (VA)

Nahdiah Hoang (TX)

Tiffany Kline (OH)

John McAlary (NY)

Mindy McNichols (FL)

Dan Saar (IA)

Carol Smith (WV)

Jeffery Stuckey (MI)

Stephanie Tuttle (OR)

Nancy Vincent (IL)

Lee Vlahos (NC)

Michael Walsh (OH)

Robert Ward (VA)

Stacey Warren (IA)

Bryan Williams (NY)