Appendix A. Demographics of Practice Analysis Respondents1

Table A.1. (Non-NLLs) Check the option that identifies your most recent direct experience with newly licensed lawyers.

Table A.2. Which of the following best describes your primary practice setting?

Table A.3. How many lawyers are in your organization?

In tables A.4, A.5, A.6, and A.7 below, the column labeled “ABA Profile” provides the lawyer demographics from the ABA Profile of the Legal Profession 2019, available at

Table A.4. What is your gender?

Table A.5. With which of the following races do you identify? (Select all that apply.)

Table A.6. Are you of Hispanic descent?

Note: the practice analysis followed the US Census Bureau categories and asked about race and Hispanic ethnicity separately, while the ABA Profile includes Hispanic as a category under race.

Table A.7. In which jurisdiction is your primary practice? (Select one.)

aNote: the ABA Profile percentage shown in Table A.7 was calculated by dividing the number of lawyers per state in 2019 (page 66 of the ABA report) by the national lawyer population for 2019 (page 65 of the ABA report).

Table A.8. Percent Who Selected Each Practice Area and Mean % of Time Based on All Respondents

  1. Most questions were not mandatory; therefore, totals in the various tables may differ. (Go back)