Appendix D: BDC Meeting Evaluation Responses and Comments

BDC Meeting Evaluation Responses

Evaluation Question Responses
How prepared did you feel for the meeting based on the advance materials?

Very prepared




Not prepared

Please rate the success of the orientation and training as preparation for the committee discussions

Very Successful




Not successful

Please rate the time dedicated to the committee discussions

More than enough time


Right amount of time


Not enough time

How well do you feel the consensus recommendations represent the expectations of an entry level lawyer?

The results represent what is expected of an entry level lawyer


The results somewhat represent what is expected of an entry level lawyer


The results do not represent what is expected of an entry level lawyer



BDC Meeting Evaluation Comments

  • Well organized committee, great group!
  • I enjoyed being a part of the task force. I do feel that there has to be a connection between what is actually taught at law schools and what is tested on the Bar. Several times, it was stated that the test is on “what is expected of a NLL and not necessarily what law schools teach.” I feel that is the very reason for the recent low passage rates.
  • I wish I had a better understanding of what had occurred before we met. Doing it in an online format, I would have preferred to do the first day orientation and then have a week break and then do the two day discussion. I would have better understood and been better prepared to discuss. I think it was a good mix of people and that we have a good sense of what is required of a first year lawyer. I enjoyed being a part of this process.
  • I found the substance of our discussions thought provoking and important, and I very much appreciated the chance to participate. Having taken the bar exam 43 or so years ago, I had not followed its evolution into the UBE and its component parts. I read the Task Force phase 1 and 2 reports online before receiving the printed material, and also reviewed much of the online material on NCBE’s website concerning the MEE, MBE, and MPT. Having done this I could understand why I had heard so many complaints about the UBE. It appeared to me that the UBE tested too many knowledge areas, too many knowledge areas that an NLL would not need to know, and tested too deeply into “niche” topics in various knowledge areas. Further, the practice of law is changing from a memory based profession to more of a skills based profession. I believe the recommendations we made regarding content and legal tasks will address these issues.
  • The Zoom platform worked well. Chad kept our discussions moving forward, and Cindy, Kellie, and Susan were very helpful and informative.
  • I thought the first two days of the meeting went very well. The afternoon of the third day felt very contentious and also rushed, so the meeting didn’t end on a great note. I think we could have moved a little faster through the earlier portions of discussion to leave more time for the discussion of which knowledge areas should be included on the UBE and what relative weight those areas should be given. A fourth day probably would have been beneficial, too.
  • Chad did an excellent job mediating the committee discussions. I also appreciated the involvement and input from Cindy and Kellie. In regard to the end result of the knowledge areas to be tested on the exam, I did not feel comfortable with ADR being a new, stand-alone subject area. Otherwise, I fully agreed with the overall final consensus recommendations of the committee.
  • It will be interesting to see how our recommendations are actually tested. I think the focus should remain on broad areas taught at every ABA law school during their first year courses.
  • I think the Testing Task Force should keep in mind that while entry level attorneys may have to do a lot of the tasks discussed, it does not mean that law school prepares them for such. I am not sure if this is beyond the scope but hopefully the completed report can also consider requiring law schools to expand their curriculum to ensure that students possess the skills required of them.
  • I applaud everyone who has had a hand in making this a successful endeavor. I’m excited to see the final results.