NextGen Bar Exam of the Future Content Scope Outlines for Public Comment NCBE National Conference of Bar Examiners Building a Competent, Ethical, and Diverse Legal ProfessionNCBE would like to thank everyone who took the time to review our Content Scope Outlines and provide input on whether there are any significant oversights of the topics and lawyering tasks identified for assessment by the Content Scope Committee. Our public comment process closed on April 18, 2022, and we are pleased to share that more than 713 stakeholders—including bar examiners and admission staff; judges and justices; law school deans, faculty, and administrators; law students; and practicing attorneys—reviewed the outlines and 394 comments were submitted. NCBE will review the comments and evaluate whether any revisions should be made to the outlines based on the feedback that was provided. If changes are made, we will inform stakeholders and the revised Content Scope Outlines will be published on our website.

The Content Scope Outlines are just the first step in preparing the Test Content Specifications—the “blueprint” for the new exam—which will be published in late 2024. The Test Content Specifications will provide more details, such as the sources of law for the topics tested, the weighting or emphasis of the subjects/topics and skills, and sample test questions illustrating how the knowledge and skills may be tested in an integrated design. Additional annotations about what is covered within subjects/topics may also be added. Finally, the organization and structure of the Test Content Specifications may be different than the organization and structure of the Content Scope Outlines.