Laptop, clock, and pages of a calendar sitting on a wood surface with the NextGen Bar Exam of the Future logo overlaying the image

How might the changes that are coming with the NextGen bar exam help shape changes in legal education? In the latest issue of the Bar Examiner, four law school faculty members share their reflections on the relationship between the NextGen exam, their teaching, and their disciplines more broadly. Also in this issue, NCBE’s Marilyn Wellington provides a detailed look at the recent release of the NextGen content scope and initial sample questions.

NCBE has released information about the planned duration and structure of the NextGen bar exam, as well as the date by which the current bar exam will officially sunset. Additionally, certain subjects will no longer be tested on the Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) effective with the July 2026 bar exam, a change that will align MEE subjects with the subject matter for the NextGen bar exam.